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Standard Consultation:$ 70.00 Medicare Rebate $39.10
Long Consultation: $ 100.00Medicare Rebate $75.75
Home Visit:    $ 125.00
Scripts and Referrals:$ 10.00
Script/Referral posted/Faxed:$ 15.00


Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, cheque or credit card, we accept visa, mastercard and eftpos.

We lodge your claim directly with Medicare for you so you will receive the rebate into your bank account immediately.

For all repeat scripts and referrals requested over the phone require a telehealth appointment, Doctors will phone once only after 6 pm. A fee of $10 when collected.  If you would like this to be posted out to you or faxed there is a prepayment of $15.00.

There are seperate fees for medical consumables such as dressings.

We also can supply travel vaccines for all your travel needs and non government funded vaccines. Enquire for pricing.